zoöid: a line of light-art wearables

Fall 2019–Spring 2020
6 months

Alice Fang
Connie Ye
Sebastian Carpenter

This project was funded with support by Carnegie Mellon’s Undergraduate Research Office, and the Frank-Ratchye Studio for Creative Inquiry.
An exploration of light and color as a means for communication

Inspired by deep-sea creatures that use light to communicate, zoöid is a line of eight pieces that combines physical computing, 3-D printing, and LED lights to create light-art wearables that act in synchronization for an audio-reactive, intricate light-show on stage. zoöid bridges a gap in current physical computing and technology integration in fashion.

Over the course of six months, we and produced the light-art wearables that walked the runway at Lunar Gala (Yesterday) at the end of February.  As an interdisciplinary team with various technical backgrounds, we split our roles to address different parts of the project. I handled soft fabrication, and constructed all of the base garments and LED-to-fabric attachments.

01. Show Photos

02. Finale

03. Booklet Photoshoot
Thank you to our amazing models (in order):
Baris Denizli, Ale van Praag, Emily Wu, Rahjshiba Koanda, Remi Adeoti, Taylor Campbell, Angela Lee, Audry Stuart

I also created a line called ‘opaque’ for Lunar Gala in 2019 (Anomie), with Sophia Kim and Jaclyn Saik. Here are some photos, taken by Christina Jin :