What Critical Issues Face Design Today?

Spring 2020
6 weeks

Print Design
5.5” x 7” 120 pages

Alice Fang
Rachel Lee
Jaclyn Saik

Examining the roles that gender, power, education, etc. play within the design industry.

The AIGA Design Census is a comprehensive census of the design industry, and surveys quantitative data about salary, job satisfaction, future outlook. Hidden in the raw dataset were the responses to the question “What critical issues face design?,” where respondents could write-in their own answers.

The 2700+ written responses were insightful and expressive, personal in a way that the discrete data was not. We wanted to use this corpus to tell a story, and to humanize the data set—to see reponses as people and not data points. Inspired by choose-your-own adventure books, we turned to sticky notes to (physically) layer an additional level of information that purposefully obstructs the text of the book, acting as a physical pop-up.

I designed the book layout with Jaclyn, and analyzed what quotes and keywords were associated with each quote, from which Jaclyn then placed on each individual sticky note.

This book is a physical translation of the interactive website.

We must have gone through hundreds of sticky notes