01. selfie in a mirror

I’m a communication designer and writer studying at Carnegie Mellon University who believes in the power of design in doing social good, and cares a lot about how language can shape and impact people.

Outside of design stuff, I love reading, collecting calendars, going to museums, listening to podcasts (NPR’s Rough Translations, and Longform Podcast are some of my favorites) and binge-watching docuseries on Netflix. I also operate on one can of sparkling water a day.
︎ Research Team Blog (citizen science! 🐞)
︎ Catch me on GDUSA’s Fifty Students to Watch
︎ Currently: typewriting letters to my sister

︎ Resume
︎ alicecfang at gmail

Things I can do
︎ Adobe CC
︎ Copywriting, editing
︎ User research
︎ Sketching, prototyping
︎ HTML/CSS, jQuery
︎ Computational Design
(p5.js, paper.js, python (NLTK)

02. hands

Reading List:
︎ Digital_Humanities (!!!)
︎ Because Internet
︎ On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous

Some (non-design) classes ✨
︎ Space and Mobilities
︎ Nature of Language (Linguistics 101)
︎ Coding for Humanists
︎ Computational Design Thinking
︎ Data Visualization w Benedikt Groß